About Us

Trading and Service company, which has been operating in the Vietnamese market since 2013. Within 7 years, we have developed into a Manufacturing and Trading business organization. TienPhat Investment has its own production facilities for roasting and packaging in Vietnam. We provide Import & Export Services and consulting that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. The company has established a large distribution network across the country, specializing in the wholesale and retail supply of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment - devices, clothing, shoes, auto parts, electronic, agro, accessories, rehabilitation products in Ho Chi Minh City, other cities across the country

Tien Phat Investment has constant promoting direct import activities and international relations with partners in the world, to meet the needs of customers and implement the best protection



In recent years, cherishing the mission of bringing the best quality medical products to serve the needs of customers. TienPhat Investment has always improved its consulting services and dedicated support to each product sold.

In 2016 our company received a commercial license for medical equipment of class A B C D.

We are the exclusive distributor of Haemoblock- hemostatic solution.

Our international team includes highly qualified specialists:

Customs brokers with 10 + years of experience

Client-oriented sales team

Creative marketers

Our services

  • B2B connection
  • Manufacturing sourcing
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Logistics


Our Vision

TienPhat Investment meets the requirements of customers with all abilities and efforts to assert brand value. We always build and strengthen good long-term relationships with customers through mutual trust, respect, cooperation.

By aspiring to be a pioneer in the medical equipment supply industry, we were committed to always helping our customers find the best solution in choosing the products and services to meet their usage requirements and talent nine of the customers.

Our Mission

TienPhat Investment is constantly innovating, devote to contribute to health protection, focuses on honing competitiveness to fulfill the mission of improving people's lives, and improving human longevity.

Bringing Business Together. Win-Win partnership working is vital to us success.

We have an entire team of people dedicated to getting the maximum profit for all parties.

Our purpose is achieving long-term business cooperation between producers and buyers on the bases of organizational ethical climate:

  • Transparency and Trust
  • Professionalism and Experience
  • Availability and Individua Approach


TienPhat Investments always meets the diverse needs of customers to create a harmonious value in quality and price, to bring satisfaction with technology solutions and efficiency in investment and use.

We have dedicated staff to maximize profits for all parties

Connect businesses together.

The cooperation between the two sides is important for our success!!