Original Ferrari Perfume

10ml - 033fl.OZ

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Noble Fig

Noble Fig unisex fragrance is suitable for people over 25 years old. This Ferrari perfume line has a good flow of scent from 3 hours to 6 hours. And a proximal scent -  release aroma within an arm. recommends Noble Figs suitable for use during the day in the spring. 

This is the Ferrari fragrance line of the Aromatic Greeb group. Noble Fig was released in 2015. Besides, Fig Leaf and Rose tangerine are two flavors you can easily feel when using this perfume

  • Enriched with emollients and vitamin e
  • Country of origin is Italy
  • Aromatic green fragrance
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • long lasting fragrance

Ferrari Pure Lavender

Ferrari Pure Lavender is the third scent in the Ferrari Essence collection for both men and women, after Noble Fig and Bright Neroli. Ferrari Pure lavender, launched in 2015, is a soft, clean fragrance that is favored by men and women. The main fragrance is lavender, it is calming and completely refreshed, in contrast to the soothing tơn that is fruity bergamot. Therefore, it is only spiced to enhance the fragrance, without overwhelming the floral scents which are its basic scent. The spice is then softened with a creamy vanilla flavor that's not too sweet and truly delicate.

The scents combine for a bright, sensual and delicate appeal. It is the perfect choice for day or night during warm months.

natural scent grows to new heights, lavender flowers create a unique floral scent that is timeless but still associated with reality and tradition. Wood scent facets combine lavender to give the fragrance a special texture and impart a unique sensation.

This modern and delicate citrus scent unfolds with striking and sparkling notes of bergamot, citrus, and cardamom oil. While in its center, a subtle blend of wonderful sage complements the entire composition an incredibly elegant character. The base notes of the addictive vanilla, mysterious patchouli and warm cashmere and intensity, depth, and strength to create a very unique mark. This scent is perfect for fall, winter.


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