NYX Precision Eyebrow Pencil Europe

NYX Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Kleur: Ash Brown

Total: 1 500 pcs

Retail: 12.95 EUR pcs

Price take all: 4.33 EUR pcs

EXW Germany

NYX Precision Eyebrow pencil

NYX Precision Eyebrow Pencil is a newly launched pencil line that is popular with women for its ease of use.

The product has 2 ends: a beveled diagonal eyebrow pencil and one eyebrow trimmer. Smooth lead

The collection has 8 colors for you to choose from according to your preference

Flat beveled brow pencil easy to shape eyebrow and draw detailed lines simulating natural eyebrows

Suitable for daily use, parties, events, or outdoor outings.


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