Olay Complete Fluid 100ml europe

Olay Complete Fluid - Normal 100ml

Barcode - 5000174709629

Available - 60 6 ( 360 pieces )

Olay Complete Fluid - Sensitive 100ml

Barcode - 5000174453218

Available - 90 6 (540 pieces )


OLAY UK - Olay Complete Lightweight 3in1 Moisturizer Day Fluid SPF 15 

Moisturizing higher! Hydrate, nourish protect the skin to bring perfect beauty to healthy, beautiful skin every day

Beautiful healthy skin in 5 days

A mild daily moisturizer for sensitive skin

SolaSheerTM protection from UVA/ UVB with SPF 15

Skincare with nourishing vitamins ( B3, E, and Pro-V B5)

Moisturizes for 24 hours with the hydrate penetrates 7 layers

With Aloe Vera - aloe soothes dry and sensitive skin

Deodorant, non-greasy, easy to absorb, not clogged pores

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