Tienphat Investment provides B2B integration, which allows you to work and trade with your customers and suppliers more effectively.


We look to manufacturing for on-time delivery of well-built products we can sell at a competitive price. But the best way to solve a " manufacturing problem" might involve other areas of the business.

We connect you with the right trading partners–customers, suppliers, logistics companies, and financial institutions.

Manufacturing begins with raw materials. The final quality of the product you produce can be no better than the quality of the raw materials you start with. likewise, the quality of any services you purchase that touches the production of your product affects its quality as well. Based on these premises, common sense dictates there are strong measures in place for sourcing, purchasing, verifying, and tracking the quality of raw materials and service. The choice of where to source the raw materials is a business management decision and there are no set rules for choosing between domestic or offshore sourcing.

We bring business together for the best benefits for all parties. We can help you purchase raw materials from one company and use them in the manufacturing process.

Tienphat Investment also assists in selling the finished products to individuals via business-to-consumer transactions

.The main advantages of deploying B2B integration tools are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improvement and acceleration of key business processes
  • Enhanced visibility ad control
  • Improved data quality
  • Real-time global connectivity
  • Expanding the market and reducing investment costs compared to commercial media
  • Improving the distribution system, reducing inventories, and the delay in the distribution of goods, accelerating products to the market
  • Better customer care, create direct-purchase conditions online
  • Establish partnerships
  • Create a competitive advantage over product personalization and service.
  • price information, product image update, instant changes by market change.
  • Enhanced visibility and improved data quality control
  • Increase sales revenue

B2B connect's TienPhat Investment has a direct impact on your profitability. We have a proven track record of putting buyers together with sellers, enabling companies to build connections and expand their business both locally and internationally.

Let our professionals find the most efficient B2B strategy for your business and you will have all the cost, scalability, flexibility, and functionality benefits from this kind of collaboration.