One of Southeast Asian's Fastest growing consumer markets, Vietnam has all the favorable conditions for the expansion and growth of the retail sector: an impressive GDP growth rate, political stability, a young population, a rising middle class, increasing disposable incomes, fast-paced urbanization, rising living standards, a high literacy rate, and a strategic location. Apart from the increase in consumer spending pending, preference for foreign goods has increased steadily in Vietnam.


Reliable Distribution partner for your growth!!

With the retail sector slowly getting crowded by the emergence of domestic players, as well as the entry of international retailers, future investors not only need to understand the market dynamics but also ensure that they select the appropriate market-entry strategy to minimize risks. Our team is ready to choose the most effective strategy to distribute your products most effectively.

Besides, The time-consuming commercial infrastructure has shifted accordingly to the socio-economic development and the open integration process.

TienPhat Investment has a great team education and training with the local vision of the local market and many years of experience in different business functions



How to develop your retail marketing plan?

Below we've incorporated some aspects of retail marketing best practice to consider when constructing your plan

Develop your brand

  • Create your brand story and qualities, awareness. 

  • Align this with your business objectives

  • Develop the assets needed to communicate your brand

  • Social media marketing.

  • competitor brand within your industry

  • creating a brand competitor research spreadsheet.

Define your position

  • Examine what your competitors are doing

  • assess your place in the market- Where do your products fit the landscape?

  • Use customer surveys for feedback

  • How your customers think your offering ranks

  • How you think your offering ranks

  • What is the most compelling benefit to your target customers that your brand can own relative to your competition?

Identify your target market

  • What are the demographics of your customers?

  • where and how do they prefer to shop?

  • what needs and wants do they have that you can resolve?

  • Check out your competition

  • Customers interests and buy habits

  • The amount of products or services your customers are likely to purchase

The benefits of your product

  • Determine the USPs of your product against the needs of your customers 

  • Develop your messaging around these key advantages your products offer

  • Showcase feature and benefits

  • clearly explain what the product does or its intended use

  • offer added value of benefits

Detail your tactics

  • How will you promote your product?

  • Which retail marketing channels will you use?

  • Will you use advertising?

Build a schedule

  • Create a budget for your retail marketing campaigns
  • Plan out when the various aspects of your campaign will be delivered, and through which channels

TienPhat Investment offers services to promote your product in retail chains, in stores of residential complexes, package adaption for the local market, marketing research, advertising campaigns, sales planning, and support. We help your sales team close deals more quickly. WE will open new markets, attract customers, increase sales for you!

Following services are offered by TienPhat Investment in the field of retail marketing services:

  • Ensuring effective pricing communication

  • Developing an effective marketing calendar, including promotion cycles and event relevance

  • Effective merchandising strategies to coordinate with marketing activities

  • Revision of existing or creation of new loyalty programmers

  • E-commerce integration, including pricing strategy compared to " bricks and mortar" pricing

  • Development of concepts for new business segments and integrating them in the current company structure

  • Private label branding, communication, and quality positioning

  • Development of vision, Mission, and value statements for external corporate or internal communication

Our retail marketing services are designed to increase our sales!


Safe goods storage and transportation, including those with special temperature conditions. Wholesale buyers searching, trustful distribution channels, negotiations with factories. We provide legal support services and guarantee quality control and accurate reports for every unit of goods. We may perform a broad range of services, such as stocking inventories, operating warehouses, supplying credit, employing salespeople to assist customers, and delivering goods to customers. We are ready to act as a reliable ambassador of your products and represent your interests in the local market.

Benefits of wholesale

  • Save money
  • Build a network of suppliers
  • Become an Expert

Warehouse operations


Receiving is the first warehouse process and one of the most crucial, received the right product, in the quality, in the right condition, and at the right time.


  • Cargo is stored faster and more efficiently

  • Travel time is minimized

  • safety of goods and employees is ensured

  • cargo is easier and faster to find, track, and retrieve


Storage is the warehouse process in which goods are placed into their most appropriate storage space. When done properly, the storage process fully maximizes the available space in your warehouse and increases labor efficiency

Warehousing and storage make it possible to:

  • pinpoint the exact location of any item of inventory
  • Count the actual number of units on hand and compare it to the number of units listed
  • Respond to product recalls, expired goods, and damaged inventory by knowing exactly which product is affected and where they are
  • Ship out the oldest inventory first before anything that was more recently received


Packing is the warehouse process that consolidates picked items in a sales order and prepares them for shipment to the customer. Additionally, packaging must be light enough so as not to increase the weight of the goods and minimal enough to control packaging costs.


Shipping is the final warehouse process and the start of the journey of goods from the warehouse to the customers. Shipping is considered successful only if the right order is sorted and loaded, is dispatched to the right customer, travels through the right transit mode, and is delivered safely and on time.

Efficient warehousing operation help keep:

  • Costs low

  • Inventory received and shipped on time

  • Staff productive

  • Sufficient qualities of the product on hand

  • Space below capacity

  • Storage optimized and aisles clear

  • Equipment used effectively

  • Customers happy

Customer service is key to business success!!

Retail sales representative responsibilities include:

  • Greet and direct customers

  • Provide accurate information

  • Answer customer's question about specific products/services

  • Conduct price and feature comparisons to facilitate purchasing

  • Cross-sell products

  • Ensure racks are fully stocked

  • manage returns of merchandise

  • Coordinate with the retail sales representatives team to provide excellent customer service

  • Inform customers about discounts and special offers

  • Stay up-to-date with new products/services

The most significant advantage of purchase from wholesale is that it lowers the costs, reduced process costs, reduced risk, improved supplier relationships of doing business.

We have a team of salespeople who are always sympathetic and listen to meet and address the needs of customers. TienPhat Investment always tried to change the service to be able to integrate with our customers.