Which the globalization of the economy, the difficulty in business is inevitable. Also, the question for many businesses, to change the business model, create opportunities, revenue, and value, if you're looking for this answer, software development services are the optimal solution.


Vietnam is located in special locations connecting Asian - China, located on important maritime routes, the opening advantage of the open skies will become the hub of airlines in the world, in addition to the population, favorable conditions for access. young and abundant workforce and stable government committed to economic growth all create fitting conditions to become an excellent platform for all kinds of outsourcing.

 The government is committed to increasing the stability economy, creating excellent conditions for software outsourcing.

There is plenty of room to develop the outsourcing sector across the three key types of services, namely domestic outsourcing ( onshore outsourcing), near-shore outsourcing, and offshore outsourcing. 

Many of the largest brands in the world produce goods in Vietnam

1. Footwear

Vietnam is one of the largest manufacturers of shoes in the world and has the most significant export capacity in the world. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many other brands have a vast manufacturing presence here. 

Vietnam has a near-unlimited shoe manufacturing capacity. Footwear is one of the leading industries that Vietnamese manufacturing excels in, and we'd argue it's the best location for manufacturing shoes in the world.

Vietnam currently manufacturing 2x more Adidas footwear than China. Nike still manufactures a similar amount of footwear in both countries, but it's expected to soon shift to Vietnam.

Even though certain economies can manufacture footwear at cheaper rates (such as Bangladesh, India, etc...), manufacture still choosing Vietnam due to its high production capacity, product quality. Moreover, Vietnam still has room to develop these industries and convenient shipping locations along the Pacific Coast. The geographical position plays a significant part in Vietnam's advantage as it is an important gateway for foreign companies to access regional markets such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia,... The proximity to China is another benefit as it allows suppliers to source materials from China directly. 

2. Clothing and Textiles

Vietnam is a part of ASEAN trade advantages. The country has free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea, China, Australia... along with all of Southeast Asia. produces high-quality products at a low price, it's one of the cheapest sources of clothing and apparel. 

Several large companies do a bulk of their manufacturing here. Patagonia and The North Face do a majority of its production in Vietnam, as well as H&M, Uniqlo, Gap, J.Crew, among many others.

You buy a shirt or clothing item check the label to see where it is made, there's a good chance it's made in Vietnam

3. Electronics
Vietnam has several major electronic companies that have major manufacturing in the country, such as Samsung, LG, HP, Canon, Foxconn, and many more that have significant operations in the country. Most notably, Samsung makes the majority of its Galaxy Smartphones in Vietnam.

LG electronics recently moved its entire smartphone production line from South Korea to the northern city of Hai Phong

Japan's Panasonic is planning to move a production line that makes refrigerators and large-capacity washing machines from Thailand to Vietnam to improve cots efficiency

Apple expanded production of its wireless headphone called Airpods in Vietnam.









We will help you organize your own production under your brand using the latest technologies and development in this industry. Also, apply advanced technology to help enterprises expand business and development, creating optimal products that help businesses save time, money, work.

The major advantages of outsourcing with us are:

  • Financial benefits - clean up your balance sheet by eliminating assets, and have more stable cash follow.

  • Strategic optimization - think about your company's core mission and whether it is relevant to continue certain operations

  • Better management of the outsourcing activity - In theory, you can choose a supplier that is a leader in the field

  • Market discipline -  you can align your costs with the of the supplier in the field

  • Technology - In theory, you gain access to state-of-the-art technologies

  • Flexibility - The resources no longer used in one area can be redirected to the company's core operation.

  • Reduce Cost - access to quality outsourcing companies at a lower cost.

  • Increase Productivity - increase in your productivity, customer loyalty, level of quality, business value, profits, and much more.

  • Reduce the time of the commercialization of the product.

  • access to skilled expertise.

  • Improving Work Quality - focus on business tasks with outsourcing

In addition to the hoped-for cost savings of outsourcing, there are other reasons for handing over certain tasks:

  • Oncreasedefficency: company can concentrate on their core competencies and work more efficiently
  • Optimal Scalability: Outsourcing increases the availability of labor. As a result, maximum output can be achieved and production guaranteed - even in the event of seasonal or non-operational capacity fluctuations.
  • Quicker response: you are more responsive to change because you can pass these tasks on to specialized third-party companies
  • Quality improvement: Outsourcing often brings quality improvements. for instance, in manufacturing a good factory or workshop can improve the quality of products
  • Save costs: External companies have a high degree of specialization in their services. They can work much more cost-efficiently and therefore offer discounted rates.
  • lack of know-how: new processes and operations in companies are often necessary, but the employees often lack the know-how and implementation skills required. Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring skilled workers for this.

Outsourcing has become a key business strategy for both small and large business enterprises!!